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Enjoy diving into the Joyous Life Formula for Burnout Prevention: Efficiency + Joy, applied across 5 Key Areas of Life = A Happy, Joyous Life

Burnout Prevention Resources

From Guilt to Good Podcast: Cracking the Code of Burnout Prevention

From Guilt to Good Podcast: Cracking the Code of Burnout Prevention

From Guilt to Good is a podcast for caregivers who struggle with feeling guilty while caring for a loved one. Jeanette Yates and I had a great conversation about guilt and burnout, and share some practical tips for overcoming both. We explore how important self care...

Plan Goal Plan Podcast: Finding Balance and Beating Burnout

Plan Goal Plan Podcast: Finding Balance and Beating Burnout

Danielle McGeough and I explore the signs of burnout, the importance of rest, and strategies for reclaiming time, energy, and joy. Danielle's podcast Plan Goal Plan helps working mums with mindful scheduling and holistic goal setting - what a perfect place to talk...

KAJ Masterclass: Burnout Prevention for Business Owners

KAJ Masterclass: Burnout Prevention for Business Owners

As a guest on an episode of the KAJ Masterclass LIVE, I share my personal experience of shutting down my previous business due to burnout. Ajay and I also discuss the importance of finding a balance between productivity and joy in business ownership. Efficiency and...

Hi, I’m Annika Egglestone, Burnout Prevention Coach.

The recipe for burnout prevention? A delicate balance of Efficiency + Joy.

My mission is to create a calmer, more connected world, which is why I share how to reclaim your life with busy individuals around the world.

Born in Germany, efficiency is in my DNA, and my 10+ years in business were spent making life as simple as possible for other business owners while making them thousands of dollars.

In 2019, my own burnout left me bed-bound for two months, and took 2+ years to fully recover from.

During that time I learned

  • how to have a healthy relationship with a to-do list
  • the power of joy & where to find it
  • the key components of life that inoculate you against burnout

I also had to shut down my marketing company of 8+ staff due to my burnout. Sharing the lessons from that time has helped small business owners discover the keys to their own success.

Official Bio

Annika Egglestone is a burnout prevention coach and international speaker.
After being an entrepreneur for over 10 years, burnout forced Annika to walk away from her business in 2019.

After a 2 year recovery journey, she now teaches workshops around the world and helps busy leaders create time, energy and joy.

Life should be easier than we make it, so let’s retrain our brains to move away from overwhelm and towards a more efficient and joyous life. 

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Popular Questions

I’m really busy at the moment, how long can I put off burnout prevention work?

I understand what it’s like to be busy, and I’m not here to force anyone to do anything they don’t have time to do. However, a word of caution: the #1 mistake burnout sufferers make is not getting help soon enough. It’s easy to keep putting yourself off, but speaking from personal experience, at some point your body will force you to stop – and the road to recovery is rough.  

My advice? Start with small things as soon as possible – tiny adjustments are sometimes all it takes to make a huge difference.

I’m already burned out, can you help?

Absolutely. All the advice designed to prevent burnout will apply to you as well if you have already hit burnout – you just have reduced capacity which means you’ll need to take it slower and be even gentler with yourself. Learning to prioritise yourself after years of sacrifice is a challenging thing. Feel free to reach out here to enquire about how I can best help you.

Do you teach workshops or present to organisations?

Yes, You can engage me for in-person workshops in Australia and New Zealand, or for virtual training worldwide. Find out more about workshops here.

I’d prefer to work with you 1-1, is that an option?

I work one-on-one with a handful of clients. Contact me for my availability.