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Burnout Rescue: The 5 Day Guide to Slowing Burnout and Reclaiming Your Life

Does it feel like you’re racing towards a cliff and you can’t find the brakes?

As a business owner, life moves fast.

But when everything is moving SO fast that you can’t slow down, you’re headed straight for burnout.

Slowing down is easier than you think.

There are 5 components to a burnout free life which only require minor adjustments to your day-to-day life.

Over the next 5 days you’ll get an email each day helping you slow down, curb your burnout risk, and move towards an easier, freer life:

  • Drastically reduce your burnout risk
  • Learn to reclaim pockets of time that you don’t realise you have.
  • Discover how to save your currently limited energy
  • Lift your spirits and recharge yourself while maintaining your busy life

Hi, I’m Annika Egglestone.

I know how stressful and all-consuming business can be. 
I also know how destructive burnout can be – it forced me to shut down my business in 2019.

As a burnout prevention expert, I can show you exactly how to find the time to complete your to-do list and make time to recharge yourself.

Burnout happens when our life no longer feels like our own. When your to-do list and your business rule your life and you’re just going through the motions.

It’s my mission to help you reclaim your life.

To bring ease, calm, and joy back into your world. 

I know it sounds impossible, but burnout prevention is actually very simple. It only takes minor tweaks to your day-to-day bring a chaotic, frantic life into a calmer, more controlled one where you get to do the things you want.

Yes, even if you have a business that currently demands all your time and attention.