Plan Goal Plan Podcast: Finding Balance and Beating Burnout

Danielle McGeough and I explore the signs of burnout, the importance of rest, and strategies for reclaiming time, energy, and joy.

Danielle’s podcast Plan Goal Plan helps working mums with mindful scheduling and holistic goal setting – what a perfect place to talk about preventing burnout.

Here’s what we dive into in this episode:

  1. Recognize the Early Signs of Burnout: Pay attention to subtle warning signs that your body and mind might be giving you, such as clumsiness, frequent forgetfulness, and feeling more exhausted after activities that should energize you.
  2. Combine Efficiency and Joy: Preventing burnout involves both streamlining your life and finding activities that genuinely bring you happiness.
  3. Give Yourself Permission to Rest: Taking time to rest and recover is crucial, even if it feels like you’re letting others down.

Recognizing and addressing burnout early is essential for maintaining both your physical and mental well-being. By integrating small efficiencies, prioritizing joyful activities, and giving yourself permission to rest, you can sustain your energy and lead a more balanced, fulfilling life.

This was a great conversation with Danielle, I hope you enjoy!


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