50 Ideas for Play

Burnout is caused by not living a life that’s true to you. It’s caused by getting carried along with other people’s expectations and prioritising everything and everyone other than yourself. It’s caused by ignoring the whispers (or, screaming) of your soul.

So Play matters. Play rejuvenates you; it brings you alive and puts a spark back into you.
Some people find this in painting, walking through nature, gardening, dancing, etc.
I’ve never met anyone that comes alive by blobbing in front of the TV or gaming.

Here are 50+ ideas for Play to inspire you to try something new and incorporate more play into your life

1. Spend time with loved ones.

2. Explore nature with a hike or picnic.

3. Take a leisurely bike ride.

4. Have a cozy movie night.

5. Try a new, delicious recipe.

6. Practice yoga or meditation.

7. Dance to your favorite music.

8. Volunteer for a good cause.

9. Read a great book.

10. Plan a surprise for someone.

11. Play a musical instrument.

12. Visit an amusement park.

13. Take a scenic road trip.

14. Enjoy a spa day.

15. Watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

16. Paint or create art.

17. Have a bubble bath.

18. Write a gratitude journal.

19. Go to a comedy show.

20. Take a day off and relax.

21. Organize a game night with friends.

22. Attend a live concert.

23. Practice random acts of kindness.

24. Learn a new skill or hobby.

25. Visit a museum or art gallery.

26. Go on a photo adventure.

27. Plan a surprise party.

28. Attend a sports event.

29. Try a new sport or physical activity.

30. Take a scenic drive.

31. Have a picnic in the park.

32. Go camping in the great outdoors.

33. Explore a new city.

34. Have a technology-free day.

35. Enjoy a spa day.

36. Attend a dance class.

37. Have a karaoke night.

38. Build a fort or treehouse.

39. Go stargazing.

40. Visit a zoo or aquarium.

41. Try a new restaurant or cuisine.

42. Take a cooking class.

43. Attend a cultural festival.

44. Explore a farmers’ market.

45. Pamper yourself with a self-care day.

46. Take a scenic boat ride.

47. Visit a botanical garden.

48. Plan a weekend getaway.

49. Have a bonfire or barbecue.

50. Pottery

Hopefully these ideas bring out a more playful side of you. We like to think of “what did I enjoy doing as a child? What was fun for me before adulting wore me down?”

Feel free to share what you’ll try in the comments