There’s more to life than “Busy”

In Australia alone 81% of the workforce is struggling with stress and burnout.
40% of employee resignations are burnout related.
Burnout related absenteeism is estimated to cost $14 billion annually.

What are you doing to protect yourself against burnout?

Let’s talk about burnout…

Burnout is what happens when your life no longer feels like your own.

When you spend too many days, weeks, months in a row giving to other people without taking the time to nourish yourself.

It’s an easy thing to dismiss and drown out by the demands from the outside world: work, family, commitments – there’s no time!

But what if there were time?

What if you could make time for yourself,
no matter how busy your life is?

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Hello, I’m Annika Egglestone.

I believe everyone deserves a happy, joyous life.

In 2019 I experienced a burnout that left me incapable of “normal life” for over two years.

I had been working 80+ hour weeks, striving to get ahead. Life felt out of control and like there was no longer any room for my needs. I knew I needed to slow down and take time for myself, but I didn’t know how: I was too busy!

I lost sight of what really mattered: creating a life here and now that feels worth living. 

Since moving to Melbourne I have met so many “busy” people like you that are headed straight for the same cliff I went down. You tell yourself you’re too busy to slow down. That your work, friends, family need you right now. That you just need to get to the end of the week/month/year, then everything will be OK.

Take it from me, that time never comes. All you’re doing is kicking the can down the road for Future You to pay the price.

Imagine having only 20% of the energy that you do now.

How will you take care of everyone?

Burnout is no joke, and I’m on a mission to prevent it for as many people as possible.

Having lived in over 7 different countries and explored over 30 cultures around the world, I have seen first-hand that a happy, more relaxed life is possible for everyone, regardless of circumstance. And you don’t have to turn your life upside down. All you need to do is make small shifts to slow down the hectic pace you’re trapped in.

Life should be easier than we make it, so let’s retrain our brains to move away from overwhelm and towards a more efficient and joyous life.

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Popular Questions

I’m really busy at the moment, how long can I put off burnout prevention work?

I understand what it’s like to be busy, and I’m not here to force anyone to do anything they don’t have time to do. However, a word of caution: the #1 mistake burnout sufferers make is not getting help soon enough. It’s easy to keep putting yourself off, but speaking from personal experience, at some point your body will force you to stop – and the road to recovery is rough.  

My advice? Start with small things as soon as possible – tiny adjustments are sometimes all it takes to make a huge difference.

I’m already burned out, can you help?

Absolutely. All the advice designed to prevent burnout will apply to you as well if you have already hit burnout – you just have reduced capacity which means you’ll need to take it slower and be even gentler with yourself. Learning to prioritise yourself after years of sacrifice is a challenging thing. Feel free to reach out here to enquire about how I can best help you.

Do you teach workshops or present to organisations?

Yes, You can engage me for in-person workshops in Australia and New Zealand, or for virtual training worldwide. Find out more about workshops here.

I’d prefer to work with you 1-1, is that an option?

I work one-on-one with a handful of clients. Contact me for my availability.